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Tag Archives: Baltimore County

The ups and downs of the courthouse elevators

Employees and visitors to Baltimore County Circuit Court may have to wait longer than usual for elevators in the weeks to come – but this time it’s for a good reason. Four of the eight public elevators in the Towson ...

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Dogged pursuits

From the Department of Good Intentions But Bad Timing: At 5:10 p.m. Tuesday I received an e-mail from Baltimore County warning me that if I did not have a license for my cat and/or dog after Thursday, May 1, I ...

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An hour with Judge Cicone

Many lawyers in Baltimore County believe retired Judge Frank E. Cicone can see the future. In a half-century at Baltimore County Circuit Court — 18 handling settlement conferences and 35 on the bench — he’s seen and heard it all, ...

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Special education–public or private?

For parents of disabled children in Maryland, it has to seem like there’s no good choice for their children’s education. After reading this afternoon that more than 30 Baltimore city school bus drivers are refusing to work because their paychecks ...

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