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Judge rules retired police, fire employees due damages for pension changes

A Baltimore judge ruled that retired and retirement-eligible police and firefighters are entitled to damages for the changes the city made to their pension system that eliminated a benefit. The local unions announced the decision Monday, saying in summary that the ...

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Baltimore Fire Department gets $5.8M federal grant

The Baltimore City Fire Department will receive a $5.8 million grant to hire 40 full-time firefighters for two years. The grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security was announced in a news release by four members of Maryland’s congressional ...

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Carbon monoxide leak at Baltimore post office

A Baltimore fire department spokesman says exhaust fumes from generators outside a post office building are being blamed for sickening employees. Fire department spokesman Kevin Cartwright says two people were taken to hospitals from the main post office complex and ...

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Baltimore pays $340K to settle three accident claims

Baltimore’s spending board on Wednesday approved payments to settle three accident claims, including one for a small group of people killed by a fire engine and another involving a man hit by a bookmobile. In the first settlement, the Board ...

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