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Tag Archives: Baltimore Police Department

Baltimore police chief apologizes, city settles Harlem Park lockdown lawsuit (access required)

Baltimore’s police commissioner has apologized for the department’s six-day lockdown of the city’s Harlem Park section following a detective’s 2017 shooting death, saying the controversial law enforcement action was grossly improper and damaged the public’s trust, according to attorneys for ...

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Federal judge slashes sentences of corrupt Baltimore officers (access required)

A federal judge has slashed to 20 years the 315- and 139-year prison sentences of two Baltimore police officers convicted in 2006 of drug distribution and gun offenses, citing the “gross disparity” between their lengthy prison terms and the more ...

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Crime victims allege Baltimore police violate 4th Amendment (access required)

The Baltimore Police Department routinely violates the constitutional rights of violent crime victims by searching, seizing and retaining their personal property without a warrant or consent, a civil rights group has alleged in a lawsuit filed last week in federal ...

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Davis, ex-judge, will defend Baltimore’s aerial surveillance (access required)

The full 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals might hear a familiar voice as it considers whether the Baltimore Police Department’s use of aerial surveillance to fight crime in the city last year violated Baltimoreans’ constitutional protection against unreasonable searches ...

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Judge: Baltimore is ‘ground zero’ for police reforms (access required)

The Baltimore Police Department might finally be on its way toward implementing reforms required under an agreement it reached with the federal government to end unconstitutionally excessive tactics, the federal judge overseeing the three-year old accord said Thursday. Chief U.S. ...

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ACLU seeks expedited review of Baltimore aerial surveillance ruling (access required)

Saying time is of the essence when the Constitution is at stake, civil rights groups are urging a federal appeals court to expedite consideration of whether the Baltimore Police Department’s use of aerial surveillance to fight crime in the city ...

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