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Judge in Tribune Co. bankruptcy to allow greater openness in case

WILMINGTON, Del. — The judge in Tribune Co.’s bankruptcy is allowing the unsecured creditors committee to file an uncensored version of a lawsuit against key players in the leveraged buyout that saddled the company with debt. The new, unredacted version ...

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Law blog roundup: Do you want fries with that?

Another Monday on the books. Here’s some light reading to start off your week in the legal know. One newly divorced couple says that just because the marriage didn’t go on forever, doesn’t mean it was a failure. There’s a ...

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Afternoon Journalism Depression

This month, two former Baltimore Sun staffers posted blog summaries of their experiences at the struggling Tribune-owned newspaper, both of which are either (a) meant to make me hate my life and despair for my future in journalism, or (b) ...

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