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Senate Democrats pushing tax cuts for business

WASHINGTON — Democrats want to push tax cuts through the Senate for companies that hire new workers, give raises or buy major new equipment this year. With neither party eager to let the other claim campaign-season victories, the ultimate fate ...

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Realities of Real Estate: Real estate taxes and health care overhaul

Almost two years ago, we wrote a column about the taxes associated with buying and selling a house. Traditionally, a buyer and seller can expect to split what is known as documentary stamps and transfer taxes. At that time, we ...

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Congress passes student loans, highway jobs bill

WASHINGTON — Finding rare political accommodation on the cusp of a holiday recess, Congress passed legislation Friday designed to salvage 2.8 million jobs and shield students from a sharp increase in loan interest rates. The legislation, which also revamps highway ...

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Health care law survives with Roberts’ help

WASHINGTON — In a momentous ruling touching virtually every American, the Supreme Court narrowly upheld President Barack Obama’s historic health care overhaul Thursday with the unlikely help of conservative Chief Justice John Roberts. But the decision also gave Republicans unexpected ...

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