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CEO named for HealthCare.gov

The Obama administration has picked a Connecticut official to run HealthCare.gov ahead of a second open enrollment season looming as a test of competence for the feds.

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Obama seeks executive ways to limit tax inversions

Aiming to sidestep a logjam in Congress, the Obama administration is looking for steps it could take on its own to prevent American companies from reincorporating overseas to shirk U.S. taxes, officials said Tuesday.

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Obamacare passes muster under Origination Clause

Rejecting the latest effort to sidetrack “Obamacare,” a federal appeals court turned away a challenge by a conservative group that said Congress imposed new taxes unconstitutionally when it created the Affordable Care Act.

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4th Circuit: A little more to the left

(Illustration: Maximilian Franz)

The anticipated confirmation of Pamela A. Harris to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will mark a giant step in President Barack Obama’s ongoing quest to transform one of the country’s most conservative appellate panels into one of its most liberal — and Democratic and Republican senators know it.

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