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Barry Rosen and Justin Katz: ‘One satisfaction rule’ not always clear

A well-settled legal principle in Maryland, commonly known as the “one satisfaction rule,” generally limits injured parties to one full recovery for their injuries. While superficially simple, the notion of what constitutes one satisfaction is not always clear. In a ...

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Marijuana:  Here come the feds?

Immediately after the first legal medical marijuana dispensaries opened in Maryland in December, the Trump administration issued a memo reversing Obama-era policy that allowed states to determine their marijuana rules largely without interference from federal prosecutors. The potential for renewed ...

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Barry F. Rosen: A rundown of the new state health care laws

The Maryland General Assembly recently passed a number of laws that will impact health insurance and health care practice in Maryland. Here is a list of some of those legislative highlights. Certificates of Need Historically, a Maryland hospital has not ...

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Barry F. Rosen and Catherine A. Bledsoe: Hospital CEO blows whistle

A federal appeals court recently held, in United States v. Health Management Associates, that a hospital executive’s firsthand knowledge of the hospital’s business practices provided a sufficient basis for him as a relator to state a qui tam claim against ...

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Barry F. Rosen and Victor A. Kwansa: Courts 2, health systems 0

The federal antitrust laws prohibit conspiracies to restrain trade, attempts to monopolize, as well as mergers that may substantially lessen competition.  States also have similar laws. Recently, a Florida federal court allowed several doctors to pursue their monopolization claims against ...

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