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Mohler joins Employee One

Hugh Mohler has joined Employe One Benefits Solutions in Columbia, a benefits and consulting firm owned by his cousin, Brenndan Mohler. Mohler is a former CEO of Bay National Bank and a Wells Fargo Executive. Employee One advises mid-size and ...

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The Daily Record’s top 10 online stories of 2010

Alongside our top 20 stories of the year series, selected by the editorial staff, that runs in Friday’s paper, we thought we would also give you the top 10 stories that you found most interesting in 2010. Using web analytics and ...

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Top 5 business stories of 2010

The most-read stories of 2010 by The Daily Record’s business reporting team mirror many of the big ongoing stories that have dominated the news since the economy cratered two years ago — failed banks, slot machine gambling, struggling commercial real ...

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On bank failures, Wall Street reform and the land of misfit toys

The Washington Post has published three interesting business stories this week that promise to reverberate into the new year. One is on bank failures: 2010 saw the most U.S. banks go under since 1992, and analysts see more “on the ...

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Bay National Bank: Nothing to see here

The Dept. of Treasury’s Office of the Inspector General investigated the failure of Bay National Bank in July and found nothing special in the bank’s downward spiral. “The primary causes of Bay’s failure were its aggressive growth strategy, excessive concentrations ...

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