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Honoring Maryland’s leading philanthropists

Every four years, the world watches the Olympics to see the best athletes excel in their chosen sport and compete for medals for being at the top of their field. For the world of charitable giving, we look to the ...

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A new look at philanthropy

With a very challenging year behind us, it seems fitting to reflect on the state of philanthropy today. I wish I could say that I was inexperienced with challenging economies, but in truth, this is my third time down this ...

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Armbruster has served area well

A great deal can be accomplished over 30 years. Just look at the work of the Goldseker Foundation, which has benefited from the leadership of President and CEO Timothy Armbruster for the last 30 years. Actually, it is the Baltimore ...

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A new reason to opt for public service career

Students returned to higher education this fall with a new incentive to prepare for careers in public service — federal student loan forgiveness. Under the new Sarbanes Public Service Loan Forgiveness Option, the U.S. Department of Education will forgive the ...

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Grandparent Project helps open door to philanthropy

With the arrival of my third grandchild, I find myself reflecting on the family our Abby is joining, the values that are important to us, and what kind of legacy we want to pass on to her, along with brothers ...

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