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McDonough uses House of Delegates staff to promote campaign ad

Del. Patrick L. McDonough

An attempt to use radio commercials to criticize Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger over a controversial blimp program may fall on deaf ears amid questions that a state delegate violated legislative ethics by using office interns to distribute campaign related materials in the State House.

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Ruppersberger: Suspension of so-called zombie blimp program ‘right decision’

An unmanned Army surveillance blimp which broke loose from its ground tether in Maryland floats through the air about 1,000 feet about the ground while dragging a several thousand foot tether line just south of Millville, Pa., on Wednesday. (Jimmy May/Bloomsburg Press Enterprise via AP)

The suspension of a blimp program in Maryland is being called the “right decision” by a Maryland congressman whose district includes Aberdeen Proving Grounds and other military installations in the state. Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, who has been on record supporting the ...

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