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Queenstown waterman nets purple crab, returns it to bay

QUEENSTOWN — Watermen often haul blue crabs out of the Chesapeake Bay by the bushel — but a purple crab? Queenstown waterman Jake Marzucco told The Star-Democrat of Easton that he recently netted the uniquely colored crab and took photos ...

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EPA unveils ‘historical’ plan to restore bay

RICHMOND, Va. — The Environmental Protection Agency outlined a plan Wednesday to restore the Chesapeake Bay, calling the 64,000-square-mile water pollution control project the largest ever undertaken in the United States. The restoration plan involves individual agreements with six states ...

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Bay signs are encouraging, but improvement is slow

RICHMOND, Va. — The Chesapeake Bay is showing encouraging signs of improvement but remains afflicted with dead zones, fish kills and pollution, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation said Tuesday in its State of the Bay Report. The report notes improvements since ...

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