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Ex-NHL players sue league on concussions

WASHINGTON — Ten former National Hockey League players, including All-Star defenseman Gary Leeman and Blair James Stewart of the Washington Capitals, claimed in a class-action lawsuit that the league hasn’t done enough to protect players from concussions. The lawsuit seeks ...

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No trans fat, no Berger Cookies?

COLLEGE PARK — A beloved Baltimore cookie may never taste the same if the FDA has its way with a proposed ban on trans fats. Berger Cookies, cake-like cookies topped with a thick slab of fudge, have been prepared with ...

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Realities of Real Estate: Shifting into recovery mode

When you drive down New York Avenue into Washington, you’d think that the economy is booming. The skyline is dotted with construction cranes (we counted 12 on our last trip in), and the District is humming with the buzz of new buildings going up left and right.

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