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‘Bilateral disarmament’ proposed on redistricting

Sen. Paul Pinsky, a leader of the left in the state Senate, freely concedes he’d like to see as many “liberals and progressives” elected to Congress as possible. But the Prince George’s Democrat also acknowledges that Maryland congressional district lines ...

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Bookworm: Author decodes personality types

It takes all kinds to make a world — and a client list. One of your clients, for instance, can talk the paint off a wall. Another rarely says much, but what he says is well-considered. You’ve got a label-loving fashionista who buys from you, a woman who always scolds you for your coffee habit, and a guy who’s really hands-on when it comes to all his marketing.

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Senate nears vote on $50.5B bill for Sandy victims

WASHINGTON — Three months after Superstorm Sandy devastated coastal areas in much of the Northeast, the Senate moved Monday toward passing a $50.5 billion emergency package of relief and recovery aid after House Republicans stripped it of spending unrelated to ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: The Daily Record – Who needs it?

We, the Editorial Advisory Board of this paper, work for nothing. Well, more or less nothing, as journalistic exactitude demands disclosure that the paper’s publisher furnishes our meetings with occasional platters of low-budget sandwiches and potato chips. So, why do we do it?

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