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Tag Archives: C. Fraser Smith

A lot more than just a car

Chris Simms seemed to be sneaking glances at the shiny red, good-as-new Mazda, as if looking too closely might waken him from a dream. The 2004 model car with a wide, gold-colored ribbon on the hood would, Simms said, change ...

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What is Hogan waiting for?

In case you wondered why the General Assembly wanted to get a handle on drug prices: Price hike for the asthma drug albuterol: from $11 to $434 in six months, 4,014 percent; Price hike for naloxone, the overdose-stopping drug: from ...

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Baltimore Mayor Pugh moving forward

The still-new mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh, made no news, offering a rundown of her extensive public service resume and listing some of her priorities, none of this particularly new or dramatic. She got a standing ovation. A number of ...

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Health insurance vaudeville

First-draft efforts to kill Obamacare are stumbling in Washington because not enough people are being hurt. Not enough of the poor would lose their Medicaid coverage. Not enough money is being saved. Not enough government would shrink. Not enough liberals ...

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Passing the collection basket

  Plaintive cries from City Hall suggest Baltimore realizes a new reality. Call it, “Baltimore, A Public Private Partnership.” Or “Adopt an Agency” – an extension of adopting highways. Anybody want to sign up for the school department or part ...

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