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C. Fraser Smith: Redistricting is a numbers game that matters

Perhaps you think redistricting is a boring enterprise devoid of real-world consequence for the rest of us. You would be wrong. Had there been no redistricting in 2001, Maryland would have had slot machine gambling a decade ago (more on ...

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C. Fraser Smith: Time to see who runs Baltimore

It’s time for more doing and less suing. It’s also time for seeing who runs Baltimore. In a forceful essay in The Baltimore Sun this week, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake boldly asserts herself. Her general target? A tendency to sue when ...

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C. Fraser Smith: Maintenance, not mayhem

Everything is relevant, even in politics and government. Contemplating the work product of Gov. Martin O’Malley during 2011 General Assembly, Marylanders ought to be pleased. They know about the six-car pileups in Wisconsin, Texas, and California and so on. When ...

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C. Fraser Smith: A seismic shift in higher ed

Think of it as a stealth revolution hiding in the open. Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller wants to alter the landscape of higher education in Maryland. Now. Without discussion. Having some experience with the politics of colleges and universities ...

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C. Fraser Smith: One favor deserves another

Endorsements don’t mean much in politics these days. Money is much more powerful. But there are dramatic exceptions. Martin O’Malley might not be governor today without the quiet support of a then-virtually unknown Baltimore councilwoman, Stephanie C. Rawlings-Blake — now ...

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