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Tag Archives: C. Fraser Smith

A vehicle for hope

Blue Maryland joins a number of red states in the slow march toward progressive incarceration policy – and toward a sensible approach to ex-offenders. Gov. Larry Hogan says he’s all for second chances – and for reducing the strain on ...

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The sustaining value of friendship

A few days before Thanksgiving, I stood in the Burlington, Vermont, living room of old friends and counted my blessings. Nothing shocking or unique in this happy ritual. And yet, the issue of “blessings” and giving thanks would have a ...

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Better than we expected

Reconciliation has a ring to it. A cessation of hostilities. A meeting of minds. Acrimony and grudges off the table. Of course, you want to hear how the other side defines reconciliation. You have to assume the parties are looking ...

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So what are we going to do?

Being arrested while black is no new thing. Carl J. Murphy, editor and publisher of The Baltimore Afro-American newspaper, was arrested on the front lawn of his house in Baltimore. Arrested for trespassing. He’d gone outside to attend to something ...

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