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Tag Archives: C. Fraser Smith

C. Fraser Smith: Hogan’s overtures to Baltimore

Republican Gov. Larry Hogan wants to ease “collateral damage” suffered by ex-offenders. He might even support easing penalties for some minor crimes. No, he’s not planning to change his registration to Independent or Democrat. His motivation here may be largely ...

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C. Fraser Smith: Will we learn from 2015?

It was of, course, the year of Freddie Gray, as 2016 may be and the year after that … Unless we take advantage of the opportunity we  have, it will be a sad Freddie Gray legacy, like it or not. ...

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C. Fraser Smith: The perpetual trial

Is justice for Freddie Gray possible? Only if you think a better system might result from the half-dozen trials now underway. That would be monumental, of course. Akin to a legacy. Unhappily for some, a hung jury in the case ...

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C. Fraser Smith: More on trial than Officer Porter

Welcome to Baltimore, a city on trial. The first named defendant is Police Officer William G. Porter. His city – our city — stands in the dock as well. Will we let the process play out? Or will looting and ...

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C. Fraser Smith: What does O’Malley want?

If Hillary Clinton were not the presumptive nominee. … If Sen. Bernie Sanders were not sucking up any leftover political oxygen. … Then Martin O’Malley might compete for his party’s presidential nomination. But, of course, Clinton is and Sanders has ...

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C. Fraser Smith: Politics and the Baltimore housing department

Deplorable conditions in Baltimore’s public housing inventory lead to a number of important questions: How can these conditions have persisted for so long? Is this the first time the city’s Mosby partnership comes under voter scrutiny? And if Mayor Stephanie ...

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