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Cable division lifts Comcast to 5% increase in 3Q profit

Comcast Corp., the nation’s biggest cable television company and Internet service provider, continues to be “The Big Engine That Could,” with growth outstripping that of other cable companies. On Wednesday, the Philadelphia-based company said its profit rose 5 percent in ...

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Comcast earns $1.02B in 2nd quarter, beating forecast

Comcast Corp., the country’s largest cable TV company, is bucking the trend among cable companies by making more money from its TV subscribers. While others are seeing declining revenue from the provision of TV signals, Comcast is still eking out ...

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Comcast-NBC deal could open doors to future of home entertainment

WASHINGTON — New Internet video services from companies such as Netflix and Apple are offering a glimpse of a home entertainment future that doesn’t include a pricey monthly cable bill. To challenge the cable TV industry’s dominance in the living ...

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Hearst, DirecTV reach 11th-hour broadcast deal

A few days before a contract was set to run out over the right to carry Hearst Television stations — including WBAL-TV in Baltimore — with DirecTV, a deal has been reached. The deal was reached Wednesday and announced Thursday, ...

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