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capitol hill

Sep 19, 2012

New search engine offers better access to Congress

WASHINGTON — Congress unveiled a new search engine Wednesday to help politicos, lobbyists, researchers, students and any other interested citizens find legislation working its way through the House and Senate to become new laws. The Library of Congress says the new website is in beta form and will eventually replace the THOMAS legislative search […]

Apr 25, 2012

Weich named new dean of UB Law

Ronald Weich will go from lobbying legislators on Capitol Hill to navigating the political inroads of the university system after the University of Baltimore School of Law named him as its new dean this week. Weich, who comes from a political and government background, is being heralded by school officials as a non-traditional choice that […]

Mar 22, 2012

‘House of Cards’ holding casting call

Want a job in television? Here’s your shot. Just a day after “House of Cards” screenwriter Beau Willimon and others testified before the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee about the the economic impact — including jobs — that would be created should a film production tax credit be extended, an open casting call for the […]

Mar 5, 2012

Job creation driving highway bills in Congress

WASHINGTON — The lure of roads, bridges, buses and trains isn’t enough anymore to drive an expensive transportation bill through Congress. So to round up votes, congressional leaders are pitching the bills as the hottest thing around these days: job generators. But do they really create more jobs? The answer from a lot of economists […]

Nov 14, 2011

‘Court of last resort,’ but not always the last word

WASHINGTON — Nothing about the Supreme Court — not its magnificent building atop Capitol Hill nor its very title — suggests that its word is anything other than final. Yet federal appellate judges and even state court judges sometimes find ways to insist on an outcome the Supreme Court has rejected. Just last week, the justices rebuked […]

Aug 8, 2011

Maryland credit rating: AAA or TBA

The future of Maryland’s sterling credit rating hung in doubt Monday evening after the downgrade of the nation’s debt whipped investors into a panic and pushed the stock market into a free fall. The months-long stalemate on Capitol Hill that led to that first decrease in the country’s creditworthiness rating prompted worry about the willingness […]

May 13, 2011

Tea party godfather Ron Paul running for president

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Rep. Ron Paul announced Friday that he will run for the GOP nomination for president in 2012, the third attempt for the man known on Capitol Hill as “Dr. No” for his enthusiasm for bashing runaway spending and government overreach. “Time has come around to the point where the people are […]

Mar 9, 2011

Old debate: Fix Social Security now or later?

WASHINGTON — In the midst of the budget crisis, an old debate has broken out with new force: Should Social Security be seen as part of the deficit that Washington needs to rein in? The White House is balking at calls to tackle Social Security’s financial problems now, before baby boomers swamp the system. But […]

Dec 13, 2010

GOP Chairman Steele may make re-election plans known

WASHINGTON — Embattled GOP Chairman Michael Steele could disclose late Monday whether he’ll seek re-election to the two-year post as a stream of challengers line up to challenge him in balloting next month. The latest to formally announce a candidacy: Maria Cino, a New York native who served in the Bush administration and planned the […]

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