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Nonprofit faces common dilemma: $3M grant comes with strings

CASA de Maryland Inc., a nonprofit that advocates for low-income immigrants, is partnering with the University of Maryland’s College of Education to launch a program aimed at helping Latino parents in Langley Park become more engaged in their children’s education.

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Lexington Market vendors hopeful about upgrades

A produce stall sits vacant at Baltimore’s centuries-old Lexington Market.

In Lexington Market, loyalty is easy to find. Lynette Tarrant has watched over the same kiosk for 27 years. Mark Devine has sold seafood in his family’s shops for almost four decades. Customers navigate the tight labyrinth of vendor stalls with the surefootedness that only comes from years of practice.

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Md. same-sex marriage backers ally with immigrants

HYATTSVILLE — Gay and lesbian advocates teamed up with Maryland’s largest Latino and immigrant rights group on Tuesday, hoping to build support for November ballot questions to allow same-sex marriage and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants who have attended a ...

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Court of Appeals keeps Dream Act on election ballot

Maryland’s top court cleared the way Wednesday for an Election Day referendum on the state’s Dream Act, which would permit qualified undocumented students to receive in-state tuition at public colleges. Casa de Maryland, an immigrant rights group, had sought to ...

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Court of Appeals hears ‘Dream Act’ referendum debate

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland’s highest court appears poised to permit an Election Day referendum on the state’s Dream Act, which permits qualified undocumented students to receive in-state tuition at public colleges, over the objections of an immigrant rights group. During oral ...

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Top court to decide if controversial ‘Dream Act’ can be put to vote

An immigrant-rights group’s bid to block a referendum on the Maryland Dream Act is not over yet. The state’s top court has revived Casa de Maryland’s quest to keep the question off the November ballot, agreeing to review a judge’s ...

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Casa de Maryland narrows challenge to Dream Act

Casa de Maryland, the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit seeking to halt a state referendum on illegal immigrants receiving in-state college tuition, will no longer challenge the validity or number of petition signatures approved by the State Board of Elections. ...

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