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May 11, 2020

Indiana’s chief lawyer loses license

Welcome to Monday, the 39th anniversary of the London premiere of “Cats.” Here are some news items to get your week started. — Indiana attorney general loses law license for a month over alleged groping. — Could Trump v. Biden become the next Bush v. Gore? — Dallas law firm fires staffer over Facebook post […]

Aug 28, 2017

Dogs, cats get their day in court – with appointed counsel

Welcome to Monday, the 54th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Here are some news items to get your week started. – Dogs and cats have right to counsel in Connecticut. – Wisconsin Supreme Court suspends  lawyer’s license on emergency basis as he faces federal investigation. – The honeymoon appears over […]

Dec 10, 2012

Baggers can be choosers

Three Marylanders have developed a new way to clean pets.

Dec 10, 2012

Cats, both welcome and uninvited

My warning is always the same: Don’t feed the bears and don’t pet the cats.

Aug 6, 2012

Maryland native runs animal law practice

For Maryland native Jennifer Reba Edwards, the practice of law has gone to the dogs. Literally. ...

Apr 5, 2012

Cat avoids death penalty

A few bank lawyers in Chicago helped achieve a stay of execution for a cat. The cat was facing a death sentence, a penalty  Connecticut is set to soon abolish (for people), after its owner stipulated in her will that all her surviving feline friends be euthanized “in a painless, peaceful manner” upon her death. The […]

Aug 23, 2011

Pet arthritis: No cure but meds, therapy can help

LOS ANGELES — Tahlula started life as a victim of bad breeding and will end it as a victim of arthritis. The Rottweiler had hip dysplasia and ruptured knee ligaments when she was adopted in 2006 at age 4. Ligament surgery followed, then a diagnosis of a dislocated spinal disc and arthritis so bad that […]

Jul 26, 2011

California mulls microchip law on pet shelter adoptions

LOS ANGELES — When Gabriela Dorame of Fullerton, Calif., got a German shepherd puppy named Bolto last year, she and her kids decided to have a microchip implanted in the dog with an identification number that makes it easy to reunite lost pets with owners. It paid off a day later when the rambunctious puppy […]

Jun 14, 2011

How to make your dog’s days of summer safer

LOS ANGELES — Ready for your dog’s days of summer? Everybody seems to have a list of tips. Most are no-brainers. Don’t leave dogs in hot cars or let them walk on hot asphalt, play too hard or get too much sun. Apply flea and tick repellents, and if you’re in a mosquito-prone area, talk […]

Feb 1, 2011

Grab your computer mouse and play with a cat

PORTLAND, Ore. — More than 90,000 cat lovers from 112 countries have played with the kittens at the Oregon Humane Society since September — wiggling and yanking on kitty toys at the shelter’s play room. You’d think such a large number of people would be tripping over each other at the shelter. But these visits […]

Dec 10, 2009

UM law students get their claws out

Anyone who’s gone to law school in the past five years or so knows the Internet-fueled distraction of the final exams period when it’s just you, some books and a computer for days at a time. Read outline. Check Facebook. Read outline. Refresh gossip blog. Read outline. Write e-mail to the law school listserv about […]

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