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Cecil County mansion to become addiction treatment center

EARLEVILLE — Recovery Centers of America has announced that it will be transforming a Cecil County mansion into a drug and alcohol treatment center. The Baltimore Sun reports that the treatment center is scheduled to open in July and will ...

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The appropriate procedure to challenge the requirement of registering on the State’s sex offender registry would be through a civil action for declaratory judgment. Such relief is not available via a motion in a criminal case.. Because Sinclair is dispositive, we shall vacate the circuit court’s judgment, and remand this case to that court with directions to dismiss appellant’s motion. This disposition affects only the instant criminal case, because the relief sought is simply not available in this cause.

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Brandon Cash Morris v. State of Maryland

1. Must Mr. Morris’s conviction be reversed in light of the fact that the trial court failed to make an on the record finding, as required by Maryland Rule 4-246, that Mr. Morris’s waiver of his right to a jury trial was made knowingly and voluntarily? 2. Did the trial court err when it denied Mr. Morris’s motion to suppress?

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In Re: Adalia R., Hailey R., & Miles R.

Did the circuit court err in changing the permanency plan from reunification to guardianship/adoption, where, inter alia, the court made clearly erroneous findings about the mother’s mental health, the parents had made substantial progress in satisfying their service agreements, and the children continued to bond well with them?

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