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Court of Appeals: Out-of-state cellphone calls are fair game

Maryland police with a wiretap order can eavesdrop on cellphone conversations that take place entirely outside the state, a 5-2 Court of Appeals held Wednesday. The dissenters warned that the decision could enable police to monitor cellphone conversations anywhere in ...

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Verizon Wireless to charge $2 for one-time payment

NEW YORK — Verizon Wireless, the country’s largest cellphone company, said Thursday that it will start charging $2 for every payment subscribers make over the phone or online with their credit cards. The company said this “convenience fee” will be introduced ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: To protect and serve, but please don’t observe?

Let us start out with the premise that all citizens have the right to shoot. No, this is not another Second Amendment debate. Rather, this conversation centers on a citizen’s right to “shoot” video and sound recordings. More specifically, the ...

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Cellphone companies to warn as plan approaches limit

NEW YORK — Cellphone companies are pledging to warn subscribers before they go over their monthly limits for calling minutes, text messages and data use. The pledge comes in response to a threat of regulation by the Federal Communications Commission, ...

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Federal judge dismisses patent-infringement lawsuit

A federal judge in Greenbelt has dismissed a Potomac-based company’s bid to hold eight major U.S. cellphone makers and service providers liable for allegedly infringing on the firm’s patented text-messaging technology for users traveling overseas. Technology Patents LLC had claimed ...

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