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Md. delegates’ bills would have police get warrants for cellphone tracking

ANNAPOLIS – Two Democratic delegates say they will not wait to see if the U.S. Supreme Court will rule that police need search warrants to track criminal suspects based on their cellphone use. Del. Charles E. Sydnor III said he ...

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Supreme Court lets stand Maryland convictions based on cellphone search

The Supreme Court on Monday let stand without comment a Maryland man’s robbery, assault and theft convictions based on evidence from his cellphone, which police had seized with a controversial search warrant. In his unsuccessful request for Supreme Court review, ...

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DeWolfe takes cellphone-search case to Supreme Court

The mere contention that criminals use cellphones to memorialize their crimes cannot be sufficient to secure a warrant to search a suspect’s phone, Maryland’s public defender has stated in papers urging the U.S. Supreme Court to review and overturn a ...

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Court: FAA can allow cellphones during takeoff and landing

A federal appeals court says aviation officials acted within their authority in clearing passengers to use cellphone and other electronics during takeoffs and landings. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled Friday the government has always had discretion on how to handle issues such as portable electronics. The nation's largest flight attendants union said it wanted airline passengers to return to stowing cellphones and other electronics during takeoffs and landings. The union argued that such devices can distract passengers from safety announcements and become dangerous projectiles. The union also said the Federal Aviation Administration's decision in 2013 changed an agency regulation without steps required by law. But the appeals court said the FAA was free to change its interpretation of the rules.

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AT&T drops cellphone Internet tracking

(AP) AT&T Mobility, the nation’s second-largest cellular provider, said Friday it’s no longer attaching hidden Internet tracking codes to data transmitted from its users’ smartphones. The practice made it nearly impossible to shield its subscribers’ identities online. The change by ...

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