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Report: DBED just a ‘marketing agency’

Maryland’s economic development agency uses more resources to market the state than it does to develop the state’s job market, according to a report by an anti-tax group that is frequently critical of the O’Malley administration’s business acumen.

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State takes to YouTube to fight poor business perception

Apparently tired of frequent attacks from Maryland Republicans, who routinely condemn the state's Democratic leadership for developing a business-unfriendly attitude in the state, the state's executive branch has authored blog posts and editorials telling their side.

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Maryland’s biggest jurisdictions are losing tax filers

Maryland’s four largest jurisdictions combined to see almost 2,000 taxpayers come off the rolls between 2009 and 2010, but the state still collected cash from more than 1,200 new filers. An analysis of IRS taxpayer data, released Tuesday by fiscal ...

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Income tax hike worries some business groups

While the governor has touted Maryland’s comparatively low tax burden on its high-income populace, some groups are concerned that the income tax hikes proposed for this week’s special session will harm Maryland’s national rankings on taxes and business climate. Gov. ...

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