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Barry Rosen: Health care horizontal merger guidelines are changing

Recent federal guidance should remind health care organizations to evaluate the antitrust laws carefully when considering a merger with an actual or potential competitor. The federal Clayton Act prohibits firms from merging with competitors (that is, merging horizontally) when the ...

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Radio station WVIE drops sports for all news

Radio station WVIE (1370 AM) has dropped its sports talk format in favor of all-day news programming. The network, which until Friday was home to Fox Sports Radio, provides 12-hour-per-day coverage from America’s Radio News, a news service based in ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: For Bernstein, hope is easy; change is hard

We congratulate Gregg Bernstein. His decision to leave private practice to run for Baltimore City State’s Attorney reflects courage and commitment. His election signaled a desire in our community for more effective leadership in dealing with crime. But, as with ...

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