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Chesapeake crab assessment focuses on females

Big male crabs fetch the highest prices, but when it comes to ensuring the Chesapeake Bay will continue to produce those No. 1 males, researchers are increasingly paying attention to how many females are harvested. A new assessment released Tuesday ...

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Rockville’s district courthouse closes due to sewage leak

Rockville’s district courthouse, which opened Monday after three years of construction at a cost of $65 million, was closed Wednesday due to seeping sewage nearby — apparently the result of the strain the new facility put on a blocked city ...

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Maryland committee presses for debt ceiling deal

Maryland lawmakers urged their federal counterparts Thursday to raise the country’s debt limit without hashing out a deal to reduce the long-term debt and deficit. Del. Tom Hucker and Sen. Jennie M. Forehand, both Montgomery County Democrats and co-chairs of ...

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Imbrium’s Jellyfish Filter approved by Montgomery Co.

Imbrium Systems, a Canadian stormwater treatment company whose U.S. headquarters is in Rockville, said its Jellyfish Filter has been approved by the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services to treat polluted stormwater runoff heading for the Chesapeake Bay. The Jellyfish ...

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