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Editorial Advisory Board – Business & Tech courts at 10: Time to take stock

The General Assembly created the Maryland Business and Technology (“B&T”) Court Task Force in 2000. The Task Force recommended the adoption of a B&T Case Management Program within the structure of the existing circuit court system.

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Editorial Advisory Board: Five well-qualified candidates for high court

Five attorneys have signified their interest in the Baltimore city seat on the Maryland Court of Appeals occupied for so many years by retiring Chief Judge Robert M. Bell: the Honorable Stuart R. Berger, the Honorable Albert J. Matricciani Jr., private practitioner M. Natalie McSherry, the Honorable W. Michel Pierson and the Honorable Shirley M. Watts. The good news for the Maryland Bar as well as the citizens of Maryland is that all five of these candidates are excellent attorneys and are well-qualified to sit on the Court of Appeals.

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Editorial Advisory Board: Mayor should veto the hiring mandate

The Baltimore City Council passed a bill that will require those awarded city contracts exceeding $300,000, or $5 million in subsidies, to hire at least 51 percent of new employees from among city residents. The bill’s purpose is to reduce unemployment in the city.

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Parental rights’ case dismissed; chief judge objects

Over the vehement dissent of its chief judge, Maryland’s top court on Monday declined to decide whether circuit court judges can terminate parental rights while the parent is appealing an earlier judicial order that changed the permanency plan for their child from foster care.

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Editorial Advisory Board: A busman’s holiday (or boot camp) for appellate judges

When Lewis F. Powell, Jr., retired from active service as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, he asked to serve on federal courts of appeals and was so designated by the Chief Justice of the United States, ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Md. high court decisions too long in coming

Like the mills of the gods, the wheels of justice at Maryland’s highest court grind “exceeding slow.” In many instances, too slow for justice. Legal Affairs Writer Steve Lash of this paper reported last week that the average period of ...

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