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Editorial Advisory Board: By George, she’s done it

Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera said she’d do it and indeed she did. By the August 31 deadline that Judge Barbera set for the Court of Appeals, she and her colleagues on the bench have issued opinions in all 127 cases heard in the 2013-2014 term.

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Court of Appeals upholds DNA check of suspect’s sweat

People who voluntarily submit to questioning in a police station relinquish any claim to the perspiration they happen to leave behind on a chair – even when detectives examine the bodily fluid for DNA linking them to a crime, a divided Maryland high court ruled Wednesday.

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Different decade, same sentence for double-murder convict

Jaron Tyree Grade, who became a symbol of justice delayed when Maryland’s top court overturned his double-murder conviction and life sentence five-and-a-half years after hearing arguments, was resentenced to life in prison Wednesday after being convicted again of the September 2003 slayings at his retrial in Baltimore County Circuit Court.

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