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Cutting, pasting signature draws reprimand for attorney

Maryland’s top court has reprimanded an attorney who copied opposing counsel’s signature from a document she had revised, then pasted it on his original version and filed it without her permission. Dana Andrew Paul had a poor working relationship with ...

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Top court OKs extra tax on nonresidents

Maryland’s highest court on Thursday upheld a piggyback tax on nonresidents, which brought in nearly $50 million last year and an estimated $500 million since it was enacted in 2004. The challengers — three partners in Philadelphia-based Saul Ewing LLP, ...

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Housing voucher holder gets top-court win

The state’s highest court held Friday that the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development must give state residents a full contested case hearing before revoking their federal low-income housing vouchers. The Court of Appeals said the termination of Section ...

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Baltimore lead-paint lawyer disbarred after pilfering clients for personal gain

The state’s top court has disbarred a Baltimore lawyer for altering client files to make them less attractive to the firm he was working for so he could pick up the clients when he opened his own solo practice. In ...

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Lack of candor draws a disbarment in Md., suspension in Colorado

The Court of Appeals has disbarred a lawyer following his suspension in Colorado for failing to disclose information during his own bankruptcy proceeding and giving false testimony during that case. Maryland’s highest court decided to go beyond reciprocal discipline for ...

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