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Supreme Court: Kids have right to violent video games

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled Monday that it is unconstitutional to bar children from buying or renting violent video games, saying government doesn’t have the authority to “restrict the ideas to which children may be exposed” despite complaints that ...

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Justices impose limits on class actions

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Wednesday limited the ability of people to combine forces and fight corporations together when they want to dispute contracts for cell phones, cable television and other services, a move consumer advocates called a crushing ...

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Justices question prescription privacy law

WASHINGTON — During a lively debate about doctors’ privacy rights, the justices of the Supreme Court seemed doubtful about the constitutionality of a Vermont law that gives doctors the ability to block data collection agencies from accessing their prescription drug ...

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Supreme Court questions limits on use of prescription data

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court cast doubt Tuesday on efforts by states to limit drug manufacturers’ use of information about the prescription drugs that doctors like to prescribe. The court took up a dispute between the state of Vermont and ...

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Chief Justice Roberts urges progress naming judges

WASHINGTON — Republicans and Democrats must find a long-term solution to selecting federal judges, Chief Justice John Roberts says, while blaming both sides for the political gridlock of judicial nominations in the Senate. “Each political party has found it easy ...

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