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CINA adjudication requires proof, not presumption, appeals court says

The we’ve-always-done-it-that-way defense has failed in Maryland’s second-highest court, which ruled last week that a finding of a child in need of assistance must be proven with evidence and testimony rather than just presumed based on a referenced social services ...

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Senate preliminarily approves bill giving foster parents right to intervene

ANNAPOLIS – The Senate could vote as early as Monday on legislation that would give foster parents, often treated as mere witnesses in placement decisions regarding children in need of assistance (CINA), the right to intervene in the court cases ...

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Bills seek to codify court ruling on services for developmentally disabled foster children

ANNAPOLIS – Cross-filed bills in the General Assembly again seek to codify and clarify a 2015 Court of Appeals decision that found juvenile courts have the authority to order transition care for individuals with developmental disabilities as they age out ...

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