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Christopher Helmrath: The M&A market is ignoring economic doomsayers

The alarmist news on economic indicators seems like a constant drumbeat these days: History says economic expansions aren’t supposed to last this long, bond yields are inverted, major economies in Europe and Japan are supposedly stuck in a no-growth pattern, ...

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Christopher Helmrath: For family businesses, the family dinner table not enough

Family businesses are often conceived and formulated around the family dinner table, literally or figuratively. They are often constructed with informal terms, handshakes and hugs, the assumption that relationships will remain in a steady harmonious state among loved ones. That ...

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Christopher Helmrath: Where everybody no longer knows your name

The immensely popular television sitcom “Cheers” from yesteryear had an iconic theme song that relates to what is transpiring today in mergers, acquisitions, and investments for middle-market companies here in the mid-Atlantic states and across the country. We recently brokered ...

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