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Connecticut provides right to counsel in eviction proceedings

Welcome to Monday, the 28th anniversary of President Bill Clinton’s nomination of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court. Here are some news items to get your week started. — Connecticut governor signs law giving low-income renters a right to ...

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Legislators pass criminal justice reforms but not right to counsel

Spurred by the video-recorded slaying of an unarmed Black man and a global pandemic, a reform-minded 2021 General Assembly passed legislation on police and parole but fell short in efforts to provide low income tenants a right to counsel in ...

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Frosh panel seeks right to counsel in evictions, end to body attachments

A task force created by Maryland’s attorney general urged the General Assembly Monday to provide a right to counsel for low-income tenants in eviction proceedings and outlaw the courts’ statutory authority to order the arrest and possible jailing of people ...

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General Assembly will consider right to counsel for tenants, lawmakers say

The Maryland General Assembly will consider legislation this coming session that would give financially strapped tenants facing potential eviction a right to counsel at their court hearings, leaders of the legislature’s two judiciary committees said Tuesday. Funding for the legal ...

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Amid protests, Barbera calls for ‘equal justice’ in Maryland

Maryland’s top judge called on the state’s judiciary and its 40,000 attorneys Tuesday night to ensure that racial minorities and the indigent are not shortchanged in the civil and criminal justice system. “All of us – members of the judicial ...

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