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Zirkin: Norman’s death was ‘devastating’

Sen. H. Wayne Norman Jr.’s death midway through the recently completed General Assembly session profoundly affected the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on which he sat and on the issues it addressed, said its chairman, Sen. Robert A. “Bobby” Zirkin, D-Baltimore ...

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U.S. declassifies phone program details after uproar

Moving to tamp down a public uproar spurred by the disclosure of two secret surveillance programs, the nation's top intelligence official is declassifying key details about one of the programs while insisting the efforts were legal, limited in scope and necessary to detect terrorist threats.

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Cell phone tracking bill raises privacy concerns

ANNAPOLIS — The Maryland House Judiciary Committee is considering a bill that would allow law enforcement officials to obtain location records from mobile devices without a search warrant. Opponents of the legislation said during a House judiciary committee hearing on ...

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ACLU sues Baltimore police over Preakness video

Inside Christopher Sharp’s Samsung Eternity smartphone was a digital scrapbook that could have been titled “Proud Father.” Sharp, 38, of Owings Mills, had videos of his 5-year-old son “Joshy” at the beach, at the Howard County Fair and at his ...

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Maryland has paid $500K in state trooper settlements since ’06

Maryland has paid out roughly half a million dollars in settlements for lawsuits brought against state troopers since 2006, including the most recent payment of $32,000 to a woman whose two front teeth were knocked out during a DWI arrest. ...

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