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Md. jury trial suspension elicits lawyers’ frustration, understanding, concerns

The large amount of police body camera footage is 'remarkable,' Baltimore County State's Attorney Scott D. Shellenberger says, and it has multiplied as more officers receive cameras so there is more footage for each arrest.

Prosecutors, defense counsel and civil litigators have greeted with frustration but understanding the decision by Maryland’s top jurist to suspend jury trials again, just six weeks after they resumed, due to resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We were running smoothly,” ...

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Breach of fiduciary duty exists, Md. high court says

“As the attorney of record in Mr. Morales’ case, Mr. Ibebuchi knew or should have known that it was important to deliver answers to interrogatories as soon as possible, particularly considering the pending motion for sanctions,” Judge Brynja Judge Bryna M. Booth, shown in an 2019 photo, wrote for the high court. (The Daily Record/File Photo)

Company investors harmed by the business decisions made by the corporation and its majority owner may pursue litigation against them, Maryland’s top court unanimously ruled Tuesday in stating clearly that Maryland recognizes breach of fiduciary duty as an independent cause ...

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A default judgment should not have been entered against non-existent parties, and the default judgment would be unenforceable against BCPD because appellant did not prove the unidentified officers acted within the scope of their employment and without malice.

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