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Tag Archives: civil rights

Court hears challenge to cell-phone searches

Prosecutors and defense attorneys battled at Maryland’s top court Thursday over whether police violated the constitutional rights of three men by searching for photos and text messages on their cell phones, without a warrant, in the moments after their arrests.

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Sharpton calls for march to fix ‘broken system’

Civil-rights leaders called for a national march and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke about how police can avoid confrontations a day after the U.S. Justice Department began investigating the death of a black Staten Island man choked by a white police officer.

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Prince George’s police officers not liable for alleged assault

A federal jury has found in favor of two Prince George’s County police officers in a suit by a New York woman, who claimed they assaulted her after she tried to listen to them interviewing her 11-year-old nephew about a stolen video game.

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