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From lawyer to lawbreaker, all caught on tape

They are calling him a “legal Rambo” and “a Wild West divorce attorney gone rogue.” A New Mexico lawyer was sentenced to 30 days in prison for breaking into the home of his client’s ex-husband,the Alamogordo Daily News reports. Video ...

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Employer can be liable for harassment by client

RICHMOND, Va. — When your biggest client is sexually harassing your employee, it’s a tough situation to manage. The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hasn’t officially looked at whether an employer can be liable for harassment by non-employees. But ...

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Attorney retells case of accused violin teacher’s mistaken identity

When Yakov Shapiro was mistaken by Baltimore police for a Rabbi accused of inappropriately touching two young boys, the Russian refugee's life was changed forever. Shapiro's lawyer, Steven Kupferberg, retells the story of how his client came to be arrested and the lawsuit that followed.

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Maryland firm loses $110K in legal fees

Attention Maryland lawyers who have Washington, D.C., bar membership and litigate cases in the capital city: Be prepared to arbitrate fee disputes even if your client agreements contain no arbitration provision. A Bethesda law firm learned this lesson the hard ...

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Alternative fee arrangements: Do they really reduce costs?

“Alternative fee arrangements” are the latest effort by law firms to demonstrate their client-centric approach to addressing the financial pressures on in-house counsel to reduce outside legal costs. Alternative fee arrangements refer to billing models such as contingency fee agreements, ...

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