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SCOTUSblog 1, CNN and Fox 0

In the beginning, I hated SCOTUSblog. About 10 years ago, the then-fledgling online service providing near-instantaneous links and analysis of Supreme Court decisions was a direct competitor to my own nascent email service in which I promised subscribers same-day news ...

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C. Fraser Smith: Newt’s defense turns the tables

Thus began one of the most spectacular recent examples of ducking the question in the history of American politics. And one of the most effective, given the audience’s boisterous applause. The result may have surprised even Gingrich, who rode the ...

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Maryland Dems hit Virginia’s McDonnell

The sniping across the Potomac intensified Wednesday, with Maryland’s Democratic Party attacking the record of Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. This comes in response to the Virginia GOP’s attack on Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley on Tuesday. Nice symmetry, no? The inter-state ...

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