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Progressive group wants $2.6B in tax hikes

The progressive Maryland Budget and Tax Policy Institute is recommending $2.6 billion in tax increases to cure state budget shortfalls, including $2 billion on consumer services that are not currently taxed. The group also is recommending raising the state income ...

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Combined reporting gains traction; hurdles remain

ANNAPOLIS — A proposal to toughen taxes for multistate corporations could grow more palatable to lawmakers as they approach votes on a package of spending cuts and accounting maneuvers designed to span a $1.6 billion budget deficit. Supporters of combined ...

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The combined reporting switcheroo

That's right. Switcheroo. Sen. Paul G. Pinsky said Tuesday the supporters of combined reporting legislation have "a clearer argument for it this year than we ever have before." The bill -- SB 305 -- also has a growing cadre of cosponsors. There are 18 senators signed on to the bill and Pinsky said he has heard from "one or two" more who have said they will vote for it. The House version of the bill, to be introduced by another Prince George's County Democrat, Justin Ross, is still gathering cosponsors. "There's momentum and groundswell, more than there ever has been before," Pinsky said.

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