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William A. McComas: Confronting the surveillance state

Since the UK’s Guardian newspaper and The Washington Post revealed the existence of two National Security Agency surveillance programs, many have expressed surprise and indignation. How could our government in good faith cull the personal data of millions of citizens, they ask? How could it gain access to private communications without our consent? Have our elected leaders allowed the NSA to become an Orwellian behemoth?

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Carville B. Collins: Maryland campaign finance law overhauled

Recent Maryland legislation implements a comprehensive reshaping of state campaign finance law. On a near-unanimous vote last session, the General Assembly approved HB 1499, and, last month, the measure was signed by the governor. The 63-page bill pancakes several more layers of complex requirements onto Maryland’s already extensive campaign finance laws.

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Luwanda Jenkins: Men should glean from ‘Lean’

I’m not one who usually jumps on the latest trends, even when it comes to a hot new book with an important point of view on women and leadership. So I thought I’d allow a little lead time to let “Lean In” settle in before rushing to gather the opinions of women who are connecting with this new twist on an age-old revelation that it’s still a man’s world.

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Richard Bock: Dad and grad businesses

Unemployment levels for recent college graduates remain high. Many parents of high school graduates are questioning the investment in a college education. Add to the mix the vast number of corporate veterans who either have been forced out of their jobs or have chosen to leave increasingly shaky positions.

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