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Laslo Boyd: What’s next for Coppin State?

Last month, a special review committee appointed by the University System of Maryland and chaired by UMBC president Freeman A. Hrabowski III issued a report that offered a frank and highly disturbing assessment of Coppin State University. The committee, which included four members of the state legislature, two USM regents and six representatives from the Coppin community, did something incredibly rare in higher education. It examined data and facts and used those rather than any preconceived notions or political stances to reach conclusions.

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Editorial Advisory Board: The embarrassing Bar Foundation theft

At this point we don’t know how much money was pilfered from the Maryland Bar Foundation, allegedly by a state bar association employee. What we do know — or at least, what is stated in a police report — is that between May 2011 and July 2012 the former employee withdrew $65,984 from the foundation’s bank account, an amount well above what the organization earned during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011.

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Criminal background checks: Can they get your business in trouble?

As a result of the increasing number of individuals who come into contact with the criminal justice system, a growing number of businesses and government entities are conducting criminal background checks on potential and existing employees. But governments are also putting restrictions in place on what at times can be used or perceived as a discriminatory practice.

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Joe Nathanson: All aboard at Station North

More than 200 people had signed up for the opportunity to take a “Sneak Peek” at the space that is home to the once and future Chesapeake Restaurant. The event, sponsored by 1000 Friends of Maryland, the citizens group promoting sound development practices across the state, was to mark the impending reopening of the long-vacant, storied restaurant at the corner of Charles and Lanvale streets in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. But it became an occasion to celebrate all that is lively and reawakening in this critical section of real estate at the center of the region.

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