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Donald C. Fry: Runoff from stormwater fees may soak businesses

This three-letter bureaucratic acronym for “Equivalent Residential Unit,” is at the center of new stormwater remediation fees, dubbed “rain taxes” by local and national media. The new fees in the process of being enacted by local lawmakers in nine Maryland counties and Baltimore are being ridiculed by some as the ultimate in Orwellian government.

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Steven I. Platt: In counterterrorism, what role should judiciary play?

As the American spring of 2013 unfolds, there are plenty of local, state, national and international political and legal issues to occupy the interest of those of us who enjoy or are even addicted to reading and writing about them.

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Higher education partnerships yield results

Maryland researchers dream about the possibilities of personalized medicine — using advanced technology to customize treatments for individual patients. Developing the treatments will take a broad mix of engineering, computer science, medical and biological expertise. The first critical step involves assembling this scientific dream team.

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Calvin Ball: Sequestration crippling for education

Education is the most democratizing force that can empower every generation across our great nation. In a time when we are slipping behind the rest of the world in college completion and we see the ripple effects that educational attainment can have on jobs and our economy, health and happiness, draconian cuts would be devastating. Maryland has the distinction of having a top-rated educational system, and Howard County is often at the top of that system.

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