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Bookworm: How to create a viral product in six steps

Your office is like a petri dish. Someone lets loose with a minor sniffle and — boom — you’ve all got colds. A little runny nose and everybody’s fighting the latest bug, the community hand-sanitizer bottle becomes the new hang-out spot, and the workplace is a real barrel of fun.

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Realities of Real Estate: Play dress-up with house before selling

Now that we’ve dodged the bullet on what is hopefully the last threat of snow for the season, homeowners contemplating a move are turning their attention to spiffing the place up for sale. When it comes to the projects a seller might consider, they can be divided into two categories — major ones, where you’ll most likely need to hire a contractor, and minor ones, where Harry Homeowner can usually get the job done. So, let’s take a look at both types and help you get a handle on what’s worth doing and what’s not.

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Laslo Boyd: Revolution in higher education at hand

If you have been reading the flurry of recent articles about online education, you have undoubtedly concluded that the “next big thing” is MOOCs. However, if even the acronym mystifies you, let me help. A MOOC is a massive open online course, and they seem to be springing up everywhere, including at some of the nation’s most prestigious universities.

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