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Kevin Fusco: Get advice to survive fiscal cliff effect

Resolution is a term that gets thrown around pretty liberally at the beginning of the year. Millions of Americans entered 2013 making resolutions to change their lives in some fashion and use the turning of the calendar as the catalyst. Congress had another type of resolution in its sights when it set out to address the fiscal cliff.

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Jack Gohn: Spring cleaning

Periodically, the moment known as spring cleaning arrives. We scour out closets and garages and attics, and rid ourselves of accumulated bric-a-brac, of objects that (rightly or wrongly) seemed like good ideas when we acquired them, but no longer do. Garage sales, passing things along to Goodwill, and just putting junk out on the curb for the sanitation workers — all these tactics are vital to our domestic success. If we didn’t cull and toss the accumulated flotsam now and then, it would eventually render our homes impassable and uninhabitable.

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Editorial Advisory Board: Let unpublished opinions be seen, cited

Seven in eight decisions issued by the Court of Special Appeals (“COSA”) are “unpublished.” That means that the opinion cannot be cited (except for preclusion purposes), and that it lacks precedential value. Moreover, the opinions are not only unpublished, but are unavailable to the general public.

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Commentary: Save the in-state rate for lawful residents

Maryland must be flush with cash, because many state legislators are eager to give tuition breaks to people who are in this country illegally. According to the fiscal note accompanying the in-state-tuition bill now under consideration, Maryland taxpayers will have ...

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