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Editorial Advisory Board: Stick to the Rules

Is the Court of Appeals of Maryland seriously considering using its rule-making power to kill the contributory negligence doctrine that has been in place since the horse-and-buggy era? Perhaps so, because last November the court asked its Standing Committee on ...

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Top 5: Comparative fault, Hopkins and UB and the LSAT

In Monday’s Maryland Lawyer this week, legal affairs reporter Danny Jacobs looked into the LSAT exam; he was also there as Johns Hopkins and the University of Baltimore School of Law announced a new partnership. Those stories and more made ...

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Md. bill would block any shift to comparative fault

Del. Benjamin F. Kramer has introduced legislation to codify Maryland’s common-law ban on plaintiffs in personal injury cases from recovering damages if they were partially at fault. House Bill 1129 was prompted by signs that Maryland’s top court is considering ...

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Rules committee examines comparative fault

Veteran business lobbyist Bruce C. Bereano said he is not fooled by the Maryland Court of Appeals’ call for a mere study on whether it can change by rule the legal standard that bars plaintiffs in personal injury cases from ...

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