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Wisconsin ruling invigorates GOP challenge to Democratic Md. district

Democrat John Delaney, a former Maryland congressman, announced Friday he was abandoning his race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

A federal court’s striking down of Wisconsin’s legislative redistricting as unconstitutionally Republican-centric has invigorated a pending GOP-backed challenge to a Maryland congressional district as unconstitutionally favorable to Democrats, an attorney for the challengers said Monday.

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Justices divided over Md. redistricting lawsuit

Maryland residents Stephen Shapiro, right, and John Benisek stand in front of the Supreme Court in Washington in 2015. (Jessica Gresko/Associated Press)

The fate of a Republican-backed First Amendment challenge to Maryland’s pro-Democratic congressional districting will rest on the U.S. Supreme Court’s determination of whether a Baltimore federal judge validly dismissed the claim on his own or was re quired by statute to submit it to a three-member panel of district court judges.

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Poll: Make Redistricting Independent of Elected Officials

Statewide, 73 percent of those surveyed earlier this month said they prefer redistricting to be done by an independent commission rather than by elected officials, according to a poll requested by the Greater Baltimore Committee.

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Redistricting referendum survived by a single vote in Court of Appeals

A petition drive to force a vote on Maryland’s congressional redistricting plan succeeded by just a single vote in the state’s highest court. The Court of Appeals had rejected the challenge to the referendum in an order Aug. 17, but ...

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Franchot wants commission to decide redistricting

Joining other Montgomery County Democrats speaking out against Maryland's Congressional Redistricting Map, Democratic Comptroller Peter Franchot said Thursday that voters should say no to Question 5 on Election Day.

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