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Opinions – 10/24/11: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Criminal Procedure Waiver of Miranda rights BOTTOM LINE: Where defendant did not unequivocally invoke his right to counsel, he waived his Miranda rights and, therefore, the statement defendant made during his custodial interrogation by police was admissible at trial. CASE: ...

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Law digest: 8/15/11

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Contract Law, Waiver of conditions precedent: A party may waive, by its actions or statements, a condition precedent in a contract, even when that contract has a non-waiver clause; however, whether defendant’s actions amounted to a ...

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Opinions – U.S. District Court of Maryland: 5/2/11

Civil Procedure Motion to close action BOTTOM LINE: Defendant’s motion to administratively close plaintiffs’ action and terminate it with prejudice was granted; termination was not premature because the district court had resolved plaintiffs’ two pending motions. CASE: In re Alger, ...

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Opinions – Court of Special Appeals: 4/18/11

Contract Law Guarantor BOTTOM LINE: Where managing member of professional limited liability company signed as guarantor of a credit agreement between the company and the lender, the clear language of the agreement showed that the guaranty was made in a ...

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