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Hogan wants lawmakers to act quickly on COVID relief


Speaking just hours before the General Assembly is set to convene, Gov. Larry Hogan urged lawmakers Wednesday morning to pass as soon as possible his proposed $1 billion Relief Act for Maryland businesses and residents hardest hit by the pandemic-spurred ...

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EEOC’s updated guidance on vaccinations


On Dec. 16, 2020, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued updated guidance to provide clarification on employer COVID-19 vaccination policies. The EEOC reiterated that mandatory COVID tests are permissible, but must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), Title ...

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Congress’ rescue aid: A dose of support, but is it enough?

Brandon Earl, right, helps David Lenus, a job seeker, fill out an application at a drive up job fair for Allied Universal on May 6 during the coronavirus pandemic, in Gardena, California. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson, File)

WASHINGTON — The $900 billion economic relief package that emerged from Congress over the weekend will deliver vital aid to millions of households and businesses that have been struggling for months to survive. Yet with the economy still in the ...

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Restaurant industry group takes legal action against dining bans

Marshall Weston of the Restaurant Association of Maryland announced Friday that the industry group would be taking action to stop dining bans in three Md. jurisdictions

The Restaurant Association of Maryland has filed a request for temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions against three Maryland jurisdictions that have placed increased restrictions on dining in recent weeks, the industry advocacy group announced Friday morning. Montgomery County and ...

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The pandemic reshapes residential real estate


Real estate has traditionally been conducted in person, from start to finish. When the pandemic paralyzed our country, real estate was forced to go contactless. At that moment, the entire industry was propelled into the future. Consumers requested virtual showings ...

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Why the hospitality industry matters


How many jobs are in a bottle of beer? It’s an odd question and one that I imagine most of you have never considered before. To be honest, even though I’m the food and beverage director at Merritt Clubs, I ...

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Pandemic focuses attention on ‘force majeure’ contract clauses

Timothy F. Maloney, Attorney at law with Joseph Greenwald & Lake. MF-D 10/21/04.

Among the once-obscure words and phrases that COVID-19 has made commonplace, at least in legal and business circles, is the term “force majeure.” Literally, force majeure is French for “superior force.” In practice, it is an often-used provision in business ...

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