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Craig A. Thompson: Poverty a trigger for gun violence (access required)

As we continue to mourn the unthinkable loss of innocent lives over the last few weeks, several important conversations have taken place surrounding our nation’s gun laws. Fierce (and sometimes angry) debates have taken place concerning the proper ways to respond to these senseless tragedies.

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Craig A. Thompson: Producing more minority professionals (access required)

Several recent publications have highlighted the increasing importance of diversity in the workplace, with an emphasis on developing a stronger base of minorities in white-collar professions. Although balancing the corporate and legal landscape has been trending as a popular topic ...

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Craig A. Thompson: Bullying deserves our attention and action (access required)

The recent deaths by suicide of students in Iowa, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and other places have placed the issue of bullying back in the public arena. State and local governments, schools and community groups have worked to create ...

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Craig A. Thompson: After trials, let’s focus on voter turnout (access required)

Both during and after the very public fraud and conspiracy trials of members of former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.’s campaign team, discussions surrounding voter suppression filled the airwaves and public domain. Radio show hosts railed against the notion that ...

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Craig A. Thompson: Trayvon tragedy offers opportunity for change (access required)

The shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida on Feb. 26 has captured the attention of countless people in the United States and abroad. Some have even compared the galvanizing power of the incident to the brutal murder of Emmett Till, ...

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